VALID: Value in Design

14.00 – 17.00 Parallel Seminar Session C. (room 119B)

> Sustainability Designed
Moderators: Professor Carlo Vezzoli & Jan Verwijnen
14.oo – 14.1oWelcome and introduction to seminar session intent
14.1o – 14.4o“Beyond the Garden Ecodesign 2002 Riccione” – Ecology Beyond the Cultures
Sanna Simola, University of Lapland, Finland
14.4o – 15.1oLandscapes Forbidden – and Found
Katrin Koov, Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonia
15.1o – 15.4ocoffee/refreshments vestibule to the Academy Hall
15.4o – 16.1oSustainable Product Design – The use of waste materials in ceramic design
Mirja Niemela, Future Home graduate school, UIAH, Finland
16.1o – 16.4oProfessor Ain Heinaru, University of Tartu, Estonia
16.4o – 17.ooSum-up, closing remarks