VALID: Value in Design

14.00 – 17.00 Parallel Seminar Session B2. (hall)

> Future Body: Accessability & reflective learning
Päivi Tahkokallio
Wrap-up in Powerpoint format
14.oo – 14.1oWelcome and introduction to seminar session intent
14.1o – 14.4oCinemaSense portal and Neural Network Analysis Method for Supporting Students of Linguistic Minorities in Distance Learning
Antti Raike & Leena Koskinen, UIAH, Finland
14.4o – 15.1oWomen Inclusiveness via Long Distance Design Education
Professor Margaret C. Perivoliotis, TEI of Athens, Greece
15.1o – 15.4ocoffee/refreshments vestibule to the Academy Hall
15.4o – 16.1oWebdesign and blind people
Professor Frederic Degouzon, L'ecole de design Nantes, France
16.1o – 16.4oInteractive Multimedia Design & Visually Impaired People
Rossetos Metzitakos, T.E.I. of Athens, Greece
16.4o – 17.ooSum-up, closing remarks