VALID: Value in Design

14.00 – 17.00 Parallel Seminar Session A (room 119A)

> Culture and Globalization
Moderators: Dr. Diana Crane & Dr. Pekka Korvenmaa
Summary of Session A
14.oo – 14.1oWelcome and introduction to seminar session intent
14.1o – 14.4oThe Design University.
Professor Ken Friedman, Associate Professor of Leadership and Strategic Design, Norwegian School of Management, Norway
14.4o – 15.1oDesigning visual entity for Olympic Games in China
Professor Xiao Yong, Central Academy of Arts, China
15.1o – 15.4ocoffee/refreshments
15.4o – 16.1oDesigning for diversity. Fashion design and ageing baby boomer women
Sonja Iltanen, Fashion designer, PhD student; UIAH, Finland
16.1o – 16.4oProfessor Pekka Korvenmaa, UIAH, Finland
16.4o – 17.ooSum-up, closing remarks