VALID: Value in Design


 value in design: disabling disablement, enabling enablement

This year's CUMULUS spring conference will take place in Tallinn, Estonia from May 8th-11th 2003 at the Estonian Academy of Arts

2003 has been designated "the European year for people with disabilities" by the EU. With this initiative in mind, VALID intends to provide a vital and broad-based forum to gain valuable insight into the role and contribution art, design and media makes (or could make) in enabling enablement and disabling disablement in the broadest sense.

In order to ensure and retain a diversity of perspectives as to what constitutes "ability" and "disability" with respect to people, technology and the environment, the conference has been structured around the following themes:

1) Culture and Globalization
-[global culture / economics & esthetics

2) Future Body
-[personalized well-being and inclusiveness
-[meta culture / bioethics / exclusiveness-inclusiveness
  1. Focus: People and Technologies
  2. Focus: People and Processes

3) Sustainability Designed
-[eco-systems, cultural-systems and systemic innovation

VALID Objectives

Reflect on what could be done to ensure value-in-design

Promote the exchange of experience and expectation with respect to "ability" and "disability" in the broadest sense

Stimulate collaboration and mobilize commitment within and between educational institutions in Art, Design & Media

Illustrate the positive contribution made by Art, Design and Media with respect to the VALID conference themes.