VALID: Value in Design

Carlo Vezzoli

Carlo Vezzoli's work focuses on scenario, criteria, strategies and tools for the development of sustainable products, services and systems and for their education and training.

C.Vezzoli is professor of Environmental requirement of the industrial product (Life Cycle Design) at the Faculty of Design of the Politecnico di Milano University and member of the faculty of the MIP Mastrer in Strategic Design.

C.Vezzoli has been teaching in other European countries and in Brasil, and conferencing in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. Has been the co-ordinator of several international and national researches in this field and is the co-ordinator of the Italian network of educational centres on sustainable design (financed by the Italian Environment Protection Agency).

Within the Politecnico di Milano University C.Vezzoli is the director of the DIS (Research Unit on Design and Innovation for the Environmental Sustainability); the director of the RAPI.LABO (Laboratory on Environmental Requirement of Industrial Product, based at the Industrial Design department).

C.Vezzoli has published books, articles and CD-rom in Italian, English and Portuguese. Recent publications are: O desenvolvimento de produtos sustentaveis (Portuguese edition of The development of sustainable products), EDUSP, Sao Paulo and Product Service system and sustainability, United Nation Environmental Programme (free pdf at