VALID: Value in Design

X-Files meeting Tallinn Estonia

Time: 9 May 2003 2 pm - 5 pm
Place: Estonian Academy of Arts
Tartu mnt. 1 10145 Tallinn, Estonia
Contact: Reelika Rahu
tel. +372 6 267 309 fax + 372 6 267 350


International Affairs coordinators at each Cumulus member university
Others also welcome!


  1. Opening of the Meeting
    Welcome by vice-rector Tiia Vihand, on behalf of CumulusCumulus Eija Salmi
  2. Presentation of the participants
  3. Information and other issues by the Members
  4. Discussion about mobility and other projects between Cumulus family e.g
    1. News Politecnico di Milan, Anne Schoonbrodt
    2. Erling Öhrnell news from Nordic Forging Center, Stenebyskolan U. of Gothenburg
    3. Call for Contributions to the 8th ELIA Conference in Luzern, Switzerland 3 - 6 November 2004, `Challenging The Frame' Bettina Ganz HGKZ Zürich
    4. EU-JAPAN call for applications 28 June 03, EU-Australia
    5. Other projects and exchange in practice
  5. Socrates Erasmus programme, information up-todate by Katrin Kiisler
    Estonian Head of Socrates Office Tartu
  6. A.O.B
  7. Closing of the Meeting